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Hydrotherapy is most beneficial when used alongside veterinary physiotherapy. The properties of water, buoyancy, resistance, hydrostatic pressure, and temperature all aid in the rehabilitation and fitness of the patients. The buoyancy allows weightless movement which aids in pain reduction and increasing joint movement, the resistance helps increase muscle mass, strength and cardiovascular fitness, the hydrostatic pressure increases blood flow and reduces swelling, and the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius aids in muscle relaxion, increased blood flow and joint health and reduced pain.

To see just some of the conditions we can treat here at Blue Bear then click here.


Our hydrotherapy pool is 8 x 4 metres with a state-of-the-art Fast Lane system that creates extra resistance in the water as dogs progress throughout their rehabilitation.

Swim slots are 30 minutes with a combination of both swimming and resting, this ratio depends solely upon the fitness and capabilities of each dog, specific veterinary recommendation and the observations of our trained staff.

The water content is tested at least three times daily, results of which are recorded for analysis and the water temperature is also monitored throughout the day to ensure the safest, cleanest water for both the patient and therapist.

With the pool being the size that it is, it also means we are able to accommodate giant breed dogs and double dog swims.



The Aquatic Treadmill allows rehabilitation through gait re-education, muscle building, joint strengthening, and increasing neurological feedback.

The therapist can enter the treadmill with your animal and provide various different interventions to change how the animal is walking and to target specific muscles and gait patterns.

At Blue Bear we are lucky enough to have a large extended chamber treadmill meaning we can assist the largest of breeds, and complex spinal cases as it ca allow more than one person in the treadmill at a time.

Our highly trained treadmill team can offer advise and assistance to tailor the right program for each patient.

The treadmill has adjustable water depths and speeds to control weight-bearing exercise and to give the optimum treatment for your animal.

The water provides resistance throughout the range of motion, providing a closed-chain hydrokinetic exercise.

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