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Fun, Fitness, and Puppy Swims

Here at Blue Bear we are more than just rehabilitation, we also work with you and your dog to increase and maintain fitness, to increase confidence in the water and to teach them how to swim. We have plenty of toys and treats to make the session the most enjoyable it can be!

Swimming is a fantastic way to keep up their condition when they are both in and out of work; we have worked with many agility, working, competition, and showing dogs to maintain their condition. By increasing their strength and cardiovascular fitness we also manage to decrease the risk of injury and the delay the onset of pathologies, such as, Osteoarthritis.

It is also an excellent way to challenge their mental stimulation, if you fancy doing something else than besides walking, especially on those hot days, a swim is a great way to keep them fit, let them have fun, and increase their mental stimulation.

If they are of a nervous temperament, we work slowly and calmly with them, introducing them to the water and always being by their side for support to build confidence. This is also a great way to teach them how to swim, we can guide them safely into, and out of the water, and teach them the correct technique. You would be surprised that not all dogs know instinctively how to swim!

For puppies, swimming is a great way to again build confidence, but to also provide them with weightless exercise whilst they are still growing. It can strengthen and protect them in a safe environment without risk of injury.

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