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Harness Fitting Service


Here at Blue Bear we know the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of your pets whether that is pre or post operative or just in general and you would be surprised to know that your dogs harness can have a big impact on that.

Our Y-shaped harnesses allow complete freedom of movement whilst also providing the correct body support, important needs for dogs pre-surgery, post-surgery, during their rehabilitation journey, puppies, elderly canines and for everyday life.

Also equipped with double clip accessories and safety buckles that makes training easier and reduces on-lead pulling.

Our highly trained team are able to offer a complete fitting service for your dog that will guarantee them the correct size and ultimate comfort. We have them in a variety of colours and size and also have matching collars and leads too!

No need to book an appointment, just pop down to see us and we can help you.

Alternatively, contact us today for more information.

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