Bespoke Harness Fitting Service

Here at Blue Bear we know the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of your pets whether that is pre or post operative or just in general.

We see numerous cases of ill-fitted harnesses come through our doors. This can be as a result of owners not being given the correct or sometimes any guidance and support on how a harness should be correctly fitted on their pet.


Here at Blue Bear we pride ourselves on being able to offer everybody a Gold Standard service and we are thrilled to be able to offer this personalised service for your pets needs.

Our highly trained team are able to offer a complete fitting service for your dog that will allow your pet the freedom of movement that they may need through any physical condition they may be currently experiencing. 


Accompanied with their own Blue Bear rehabilitation or wellness program, this additional service can help maintain their comfort and can also be great for puppies and senior dogs too.

Contact us today for more information or simply drop in and speak to one of our team.