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Buggy Hire

Blue Bear has a selection of buggies you can hire for dogs of all shapes and sizes! These buggies provide ultimate comfort for your dogs needs, whether you want to try before you buy or just use them for longer walks so your dog can still come with you, we can get the right one for you. If your dog is recovering from injury, surgery, is slowing down, getting stiff, or getting old or just struggling with their usual daily walking routine, then a buggy may be the ideal you are looking for. They are ready to hire from just £5 per day* or £20 per week.

Contact us for more information.

*Minimum hire 2 days


Doggy Wheels

Have you ever thought about getting your dog some wheels so that they can run around again? Well, Blue Bear can help you, we work with both Wheels4Dogs and Winston's Wheels to measure, order, and fit wheels for your dog to ensure ultimate comfort.

They are perfect for dogs with birth defects, amputations, spinal conditions and degeneration, or dogs that just need more support getting about.

For more information contact us and we can get you in for a wheels consultation free of charge!

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