Physiotherapy has many benefits for the canine, feline and equine patient.  One of the main benefits is to reduce pain, muscle spasm and swelling and also help to improve mobility, to reduce potential secondary complications and help to promote healing.

Our physiotherapy team are all registered and highly qualified and specialise in planning bespoke treatment for each individual animal they see combining in centre clinic work with homework for the owners.

Conditions Treated

Just some of the conditions that can be treated by land based physiotherapy are

  • Nerve Damage

  • Spinal Pain 

  • Pre and Post surgery treatments

  • Muscle Atrophy 

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Joint weakness and stiffness 

  • Muscle Strains 

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What Equipment is used?

We use a range of different modalities dependent on the individual case. These are some of them, 

  • Massage

  • Heat pad

  • Pulse Mag 

  • Cold Laser

  • Stepping Poles

  • Stepping Blocks

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