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Available at the Centre


Blue Bear has the ability to offer hydrotherapy in both our pool and our aquatic treadmill. We choose the best modality based on your animals condition to provide them with the most comfort, benefit and quality of life.

The foundation to all our rehabilitation, a personal assessment and tailored plan to your animals specific needs focusing on reducing pain, aiding mobility, building muscle, increasing joint health, and improving quality of life.


Working with local Registered Veterinary Nurses Blue Bear hosts a variety of Small Animal First Aid training courses and caring for the older canine courses to help you provide the best care for your animal at home.

Contact us for more information.

Although Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy are imperative in rehabilitation, they are just as important in fitness, maintenance, injury prevention and puppy swims. Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy aid in strengthening, maintaining mobility, muscle condition and flexibility; helping your dog be the strongest, fittest version of themselves in the prevention of injury and possibly the early onset of diseases such as arthritis. 


Harnesses at Blue Bear allow for free range of movement with correct body support and stability to maintain your pets comfort and health whether they are able-bodied, a puppy or suffering from injury or disability. Our highly trained professional team can guide you and even supply the

harness that fits your pets independent needs. 
No need to book an appointment, just drop in to see us!

At Blue Bear we have the latest model of the Companion Animal Stance Analyser, this measures the loading of each limb of the patient and provides a quantitative way to track their progress.


Blue Bear has a selection of buggies for hire to accommodate animals of all sizes, whether you want to try before you buy or your pet just needs that little bit of extra help on their walks, we can provide the right one for you.

Blue Bear is also able to help your canine friend get the right fitting wheels, we work closely with Wheels4Dogs and Winston's Wheels to measure, supply and fit wheels suitable for your dogs every need.

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