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Blue Bear Animal Rehabilitation is a dedicated and professional organisation who strive to deliver the best complimentary therapy for your pets and animals.

Being a multi disciplinary team helps us to treat every aspect of your animals needs from their physical ailments to their mental and behavioural needs, tailoring a treatment programme specific to them.

Specialising in Veterinary Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, fun and fitness swims and puppy swims.

To see a full list of our services and what we can offer both you and your animal then click the link below!

Blue Bear Animal Rehabilitation is a state of the art centre comprising of 2 Veterinary Physiotherapy consultation rooms both equipped with Class 3b Lasers, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy mats, NMES machine, heat pads, a Stance Analyser, and exercise equipment. Our hydrotherapy pool is 8 x 4 metres making it able to accommodate giant breeds and double dog swims! Blue Bear also has a HydroPhysio Aquatic Treadmill that is ideal for gait re-training, improving muscle mass and increasing on-land function. 
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Retail Shop

Our retail shop has everything your dog could possibly wish for! We have drying coats, harnesses, collars, leads, toys, brain games, natural treats and training treats plus lots more! Pop in to see what is in store, we can cater to every need!
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