Check out our treadmill

Here at Blue Bear, we are revolutionising animal rehabilitation in Essex for small pets such as dogs and cats. We talked last time how the centre, based in Copford near Colchester has a large hydrotherapy pool and treatment rooms however one of the most specialised treatment we offer for mainly dogs is our aquatic treadmill.

This is an amazing piece of equipment that has a standard treadmill with an enclosed tank that can be filled with warm water to any level to take the weight off the limbs of the animals as they exercise. This is particularly useful for dogs and now cats too with joint issues such as hip dysplasia, spinal injuries and particularly useful after surgery.

The treadmill is also really successful in treating animals with water phobia to help them relax and build confidence especially if their treatment plan is to include a dip in the hydro pool.

We are one of the only centres in Essex to offer this range of services to care for you pets, coupled with our highly experienced and dedicated team, we would love to talk to you about any ways we can help you in the future.

Future blogs will look at the Hydrotherapy pool and other treatments we offer here at Blue Bear in Colchester.

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