Ryan loving laser!

We first met Ryan this weekend and what a lovely boy he is! Ryan suffers from chronic elbow osteoarthritis in his left forelimb and sadly has a deformed right forelimb which adds to the pressures on the left leg for support. As he relies so heavily on his hind limbs it's really important that these stay as pain free as possible. Ryan was an absolute star during his first laser session and really relaxed and enjoyed the treatment, he nearly fell asleep! We focused on reducing pain and inflammation in his left forelimb and also treating his lumber spine and opposing hind limb to ensure support. Ryan was facing a possible and high risk elbow replacement surgery so it is vitally important for us to improve his quality of life and reduce pain so if the surgery becomes absolutely necessary later down the line, Ryan has a good head start on the healing process. His mum reported to us a couple of days after his treatment that his whole demeanour has changed, he's active, wanting to play and bringing everyone toys which is fantastic to hear as it means were doing the right treatment and heading in the right direction.

Ryan thoroughly enjoying his laser

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