Gentle Giant Preston

Gorgeous Preston is suffering with intermittent forelimb lameness which has been investigated by the vets but they haven't been able to give a clear diagnosis. Preston is such a beautiful gentle giant and was a pleasure to work with. We completed a gate assessment and watched some films his family had recorded of him showing that his right forelimb certainly was causing a bit of bother especially when trotting. We started our treatment focusing on this limb and also on his left hind too so to relieve some of the tension he has been carrying through there. He sat wonderfully and throughly enjoyed his tummy tickles from mum. He managed a good session and really relaxed, the next day his mum reported he was in very good spirits and has been playing up on his morning walk meaning he must have been feeling better! We shall be seeing this gorgeous boy again in a weeks time

#dogs #lasertherapy

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