Flora, 15 and fantastic!

Beautiful Flora is 15 Years young and is starting to suffer with arthritis in her joints, especially her hips. Her family have noticed she has started to have a few mobility issues and wanted us to come along and see if we could help her mobility, pain relieve and improve her quality of life. Flora was fantastic and took everything in her stride, she wasn't phased by the treatment at all. We used a strong laser to treat right into her joints and then followed up with the LED with some lovely pain relieving frequencies. As you can see from the photos Flora was thoroughly relaxed, had a wash and then settled down for a snooze once we finished. The following day her mum reported that she was much brighter and had better mobility, we shall be seeing Flora again very soon to maintain her great start at a better quality of pain free life

#cats #lasertherapy #rescuecat #arthritis

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